Friday, September 27, 2013


Or at least the blog is migrating (meaning that it will be 'hosted' by a different entity), from Blogspot to a new home at Wordpress. Henceforth, that's where you'll find us:
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Subscribers should be whisked to the new site automatically, but if you haven't been, or if you would like to received emailed posts when they appear, don't forget to sign up in the clever little Feedburner 'widget' provided to the right.

Where are those geese taking the blog, you say? I say:

See you there! will continue esxist, and to hold all the older posts, and all their associated photos still live there, but there will be no new posts except at: is a work in progress, with 'under construction' signs in a few places. It's another one of my 'learning by doing' experiences, so hard to say how it will work out after the learning curve.

Galivant's crew is in Maryland this month, with cell phone service, good internet, and we speak the language. So drop us a line and let us know how things are with you!