Saturday, August 11, 2012

And They're Off!

Here we are at the airport in Panama City.  Off the boat. Off the land. Off our familiar  hemisphere. The toilets may flush the other way 'round where we're going. I'll let you know. 

Peru, a place completely new to me, will be at the bottom of the ramp, I hope.  
We're trying to travel light, one carry-on each. We think they each weigh about 22 pounds.  My backpack (mochilla) is new so i know it's capacity is 35 liters.  The weight is okay but i'm a little concerned about the density of what I've stuffed in there, much of it compressed in  Ziploc bags. I think I'll be pretty tired of this 'travel' dress when I'm done!

No computer, just this little sort of smart iPhone loaded with books and maps. 

We'll be gone a couple months. Galivant is hauled out in the Secure Storage Yard at Shelter Bay Marina, Colon, Panama with a dehumidifier humming away - it's been shocking to see how mold or whatever it is, grows even when we're there with all the hatches open and the humidity streaming through. 
But we're not letting the moss grow under our feet. Peru here we come!

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