Sunday, February 13, 2011

Saturday Night Out in Cartagena

You’d think we’d do this more often, being convenient to a nice part of a nice city, Cartagena, Colombia . But no, only now that we’re getting ready to leave do we venture forth for an entire evening on the town.
Here, the gathering for sunset-viewing atop the city wall. So much going on I forgot to look for the green flash, not that there would have been hope for one in this humidity.
That's Patty and Tom and Doug, taking it all in. We later ate outside at the fancy restaurant on the square at San Pedro Claver, where we had front row seats to the comings and goings  for the 7 PM and 8:30 weddings at the cathedral just opposite, and some delicious dining too.

cartagena Saturday night 045cartagena Saturday night 070
The ‘inside’ (the restaurant!) experience looks pretty special too. Next time?
cartagena Saturday night 073
Someone said I needed to have my picture in this blog occasionally, so my friend Tom did the honors.  One of the ‘Black Boys of Cartagena’  mimed his gratitude for my handful of coins. That’s one person who doesn’t need to be reminded to hold still for the picture.
cartagena Saturday night 082
By the time we were thinking of dessert, the rest of the night-folk were just getting started.
cartagena Saturday night 083Tough choices – how about one of each?
cartagena Saturday night 086cartagena Saturday night 088
This post is an experiment with Windows Live Writer, writing offline and using pictures from an IPod Touch. I’ve gotten so backed up and behind with uploads and other technology problems in my old system that I need to try something new.

Also, we’ll be heading towards the San Blas soon, where there apparently is hardly any internet service, only sometimes email via the SSB radio, if I've added the recipient to my white list.
Maybe I’ll get some of the kinks worked out in the peace and quiet of a tropical anchorage!
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Gerry said...

Glad you enjoyed Cartagena, one of my favourite places.
us about to head to the caymans and paces north....