Monday, November 8, 2010

And We're BAACK!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugDoug returned to Honduras a couple weeks ago, rarin' to go on the bottom job, and a few other things he had in mind. I stayed in Maryland, emptying, cleaning, painting and renting the house, selling the car, doing things my way! Neither of us got as much done as we had hoped, but that's to be expected. After the usual self-inflicted last minute rush, it was a relief to spend a few hours in anonymous airports, spacing out.

My first night on the boat, which was still out of the water, I woke up in that disconcerting, middle of the night place, not knowing where I was. It took a long time for pieces of information to drift in: this is not a feather bed, I was on an airplane recently, where was it going? oh, and a bus too...that's Doug over's the boat and my toes are pointing east-ish. Finally I got myself drilled down to LaCeiba Shipyard, where I find myself today.

But not for long, I hope. We need to get the sails back on, the cover stowed, if it ever dries out, the interior wiped down with vinegar. We need groceries, a fresh cruising permit, maybe some refrigeration gas (or, no refrigeration!) After a summer of sort of minimalist living, I feel like we need to get rid of some stuff here too (books!). And then we need to get moving.

The sooner the better - this political season was shocking!


Passport said...

Great to hear you are back on the boat and moving again! IB and I just made it to Bonaire and are heading west to Colombia and Panama, maybe our paths will cross somewhere.

Gerry said...

Getting rid of BOOKS! Have you lost your mind Ann???
Seriously though, glad to hear that you are both back onboard, have a good season...