Sunday, November 16, 2008

What kind of blog?

Now that we’re no longer worried about getting out of town, or getting the house rented, or the cars sold, or freezing in the Chesapeake, I’m going to start worrying about getting this blog going. This is definitely a learning-by-doing experience. I hope to lure Doug into the process, but for now, it’s a one-woman show.

What to write about? Well, I’ve been touched to see how many of my ‘write-a-letter-a-day’ letters and postcards from earlier trips have survived. So I’ll just write some more of them, on a computer and without an envelope this time, and try to add more pictures (once the digital camera’s battery charger catches up with me!). Read them if you want to, or hit delete. That’s how the WWW gets its energy. But the most energizing thing of all would be if you write back, comments, questions, suggestions – I’ll need it all!

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